Crumbling road infrastructure a hallmark of ANC legacy in Maruleng

Issued by Marie Helm – DA Limpopo Deputy Leader
15 May 2024 in Press Statements

The DA has once again written to MEC for Public Works, Roads and infrastructure, Nkakareng Rakgaole, to urgently address the terrible state of the Lorraine road, R527, D21 and the general state of the road infrastructure in the Maruleng area.

The D21 road is the main road from the Oaks through to Sekororo and Trichardtsdal and services more than 80 000 people. It is by far one of the worst roads in the Maruleng municipal area, view photos here and here. The road has become badly degraded and is riddled with gaping potholes. The D21 poses a real threat to motorists that use it and to the residents of surrounding villages.

The R527 road, which is key to tourism and farming activities in the area, has been poorly maintained and is riddled with large potholes that have the potential to cause serious accidents, especially during rainy weather when visibility is low. See photos here and here. This road is further damaged by the additional pressure caused by large haulage trucks from the mines due to a lack of sufficient railway infrastructure in the area.

The main road through Lorraine, a village between Sekororo and Balloon is so bad that motorists have created roads on both sides of the road. See photos here and here. The condition of this road highlights the uncaring attitude of the ANC led provincial government towards residents of Limpopo.

The majority of the roads in Maruleng have gone without proper maintenance for years, some of these roads are of great economic significance in the area and some are vital to the daily livelihoods of residents. The department has previously indicated that there are contractors appointed to maintain some of these roads but there is very little tangible proof of this, promises won’t fill the potholes!

The DA cares about the safety of all road users and has proven that where we govern we are committed to providing safe, well maintained provincial road infrastructure that supports economic development and job creation. You can have the same by voting for the DA on 29 May.